Meet Our Team

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Russ Green

Russ Green (he/him), our Chair, is from Washington, DC. He has been playing golf since 2006, and finally broke 100 last year.

Ayana N. Partee, Esq
Vice Chair

Ayana N. Partee, Esq, our Vice Chair, is a family and business legal advisor. She helps businesses and families protect their legacies now and for future generations. She has been playing golf since she was 10 years old and loves to out drive the men in her life with their own clubs.

Anne Land
Treasurer and Hospitality Co-chair

Anne Land is the Treasurer and Hospitality Co-chair. A Proud Pirate, (now married to and surrounded by Bison), Anne graduated from Hampton University with a degree in Accounting. It was at Hampton where she first took interest in the game of golf.

Melvin Mooring II

Melvin Mooring II, our Secretary, is a Howard University Alum from the Washington, DC-area. An improving golfer who enjoys the challenge round offers.

Tracy King
Media Chair

Tracy King, Media Chair of Black Impact Group, is graduate of Northwood University. His son will be attending Morgan State University this year. Tracy’s a Chicago native, who relocated to the DMV from Detroit, MI in 2013. He fell for golf during the pandemic and has been falling hard ever since!

Jovan Hicks
Fundraising Chair and Hospitality Co-chair

Jovan Hicks, Fundraising Chair and Hospitality Co-chair, is a Howard University alumna from San Jose, CA. A novice golfer, she loves the challenge of mastering the game.

Preston 2
Preston Arnold
Tournament Chair

Preston Arnold, our Tournament Chair, is a Howard University alum originally from Hartford CT. An avid golfer with a passion for the game, the lessons it teaches and the connections it fosters.