Our Story

Our HBCU Golf Tournament started when three Black men, graduates of Howard University, realized that the coronavirus pandemic and resulting quarantine would result in homecoming cancellations across the nation. The cultural impact of HBCU alumni from all over the world gathering to reconnect with friends, family, and loved ones is unparalleled. Thus, we decided – YOU CAN’T CANCEL HOMECOMING – and our event was born!

Quarantine orders intended to keep people safe from the threat of the coronavirus pandemic. However, for many, home is not a safe space due to their domestic and intimate partners being perpetrators of violence.

The game of golf presents the perfect safe space: outdoors in serene, picturesque landscapes, away from the rigamarole of professional and personal obligations. However, until 1951, Black people were prohibited from playing on public courses due to segregation laws. The impact of this injustice and exclusion is still being experienced today, with Black players representing less than 3% of golfers, and only seven Black players within the PGA and LPGA combined.

Our aim is to introduce Black people to the sport of golf, to enjoy the time and opportunity to have a safe space. For avid golfers, our tournament may be their first time experiencing community while on the course. Proceeds from our fundraiser will be split evenly to support survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence and their children, and engage men and communities to take action to end violence against women.

We welcome you to join us in our efforts to protect Black women and children, and foster the love of a game they can enjoy throughout their lives!